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Xavior (red sable)(100 lbs.) is just nothing but World Renown Dogs All in one pedigree. And his pups are 1st Class. Be sure to scroll down and right You don't want to miss Xavior's Information.
Xavior / Yamka past pups
Excellent prey drives, huge bones, and easily trained. Be sure to scroll right
to see proof Xavior has a great hip background.
HISTORY FOR XAVIOR: His FULL brothers and Sisters below:
EMILKA Anrebri
otec: Frankie Anrebri
matka:  Allegra Egerstau
svod 5Y + VN, VD
2.třída, 5CY1/P
Rtg. 0/0, ZM, ZVV1, IPO3, SchH3, ZPO1

EGI Anrebri
otec: Frankie Anrebri
matka:  Allegra Egerstau
svod 5V +N Rtg. neg., VD ZVV1

otec: Frankie Anrebri
matka: Allegra Egerstau 
velmi nadějný 3 Rtg. 0/0

ENZO Anrebri
otec: Frankie Anrebri
matka:  Allegra Egerstau

Thank you so much for all your help with our countless questions over the last few months.  Our dog Saint, has really meshed well into our family.  I know so many people who got screwed by puppy stores, amateur breeders selling dogs on the internet and street corner advertisement and so on. 
  In the beginning I felt like the price was a little steep, but I now realize that the cost is much higher in the long run when you go though someone who hasn't a clue what they are doing.
  I welcome the opportunity to recommend you to anyone serious about buying a German Shepherd with real Czech / German working bloodlines.  These European lines out perform anything I have ever seen.
  It's amazing how after a bad day at work, or a stressful week on the job, I can come home and throw the ball with Saint, scratch his belly and stroke his ears and all that stress just melts away.  He has been awesome.  Incidentally, when I am gone or asleep he is quite possibly the best "WATCH DOG" I have ever seen.
  It's been a great experience doing business with you.
Chris Martinka & Christina Patten NREMT-P     (Saint and his family pictures to the right)
Saint is a Xavior / Yamka Son
And what a
Handsome Sable guy he turned out to be
If you wish to ask Chris
about me or my dogs
I'd be glad to get you in contact with him
Dragon German Shepherds
Call 623-388-0494 or email dragongsd@hotmail.com