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Dragon German Shepherds, Breeder.
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Czech Shepherd, Czech Shepherds
Dragon German Shepherds
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Hi Melanie,

Gracie's dog trainer took these photos yesterday. The trainer told me Gracie is the best German Shepherd she has seen in years. Smart, incredible disposition, pretty. She told me she's not only the best German Shepherd she has seen in years but the best puppy she's had in a long time. Great compliment to you. Have a great week. Barb
(Car/Lillee Litter)
Enno is a son of my Xavior
Falco is just enjoying life
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Jake and Elwood in Prescott AZ
Well Logan is an AMAZING dog without a doubt.  He is stunning and is a dream in EVERY single way.  I adore him and he is WONDERFUL with my daughters.  He is a big love and is a super sweet dog.  I really think that he is the most amazing dog that I have ever seen.  BRAINS BEAUTY AND LOVE what more can I ask for.    Attached are some pics of him.  STUNNING GUY really. Thank you for breeding an amazing and wonderful boy.  He will live here for the rest of his life I'm sure.   I am just thrilled beyond words to have him.   I trust him 100% with my children as you can see.  :)  adore this guy!!!!

Hi Melanie,
I attached a picture of Kona Kai. He is from the Xavior/ Ivana litter from Labor Day 2010. He is almost nine months old this picture was taken in Prescott over Memorial Day.

He is an incredible GSD! He is excelling in his training and I am thinking about training him in Search and Rescue (He can find his “Kong’” anywhere in the yard….fast!).

We have already taken him on several overnight stays out of town and have many more trips planned. Thank you for Breeding such a great guy!
The video below is a combined effort of  Angelo Lombardi the owner of Bed & Biscuit Pet Resort located: Prescott, Arizona.
And Dragon German Shepherds Melanie Drew
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I just wanted to thank you for giving me such a wonderful dog. She has a strong and gentle temperament and is very smart ... almost too smart for her own good (hehe). I wanted to send you some pictures of her but I misplaced your email. Thanks again for giving me such a wonderful animal ! Robert