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Dragon German Shepherds, Breeder.
German Shepherd, German Shepherds, Czech German Shepherd, German Shepherd Puppies for sale. German Shepherd Dogs for sale, puppies, dog, dogs. Czech Import

Brenda Nikolkina radost (import) 0/0
Brenda's pedigree below
Brenda's past pups do full bites on the sleeve, ropes, metal, and balls. Past litters
have had  intense civil drives. They have no problems doing SchH, PSA, police, or protection. Very out going litters with great temperaments. Past and present examples of her pups.
I know I am being like some kind proud mother and keep repeating myself but we love our Hammer and here are some pictures I took today. Hammer get it Hammer search
Examples of previous pups of Brenda
MoreExamples of pevious pups of Brenda on sleeve
and biting a rope.
Dragon German Shepherds
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