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Dragon German Shepherds
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The Proofs in the Genetics
Please keep in mind these are also family dogs which live with children of all ages just fine
12/14/2008 Training we did some obedience and protection. Worked my up coming female Mynx z Dragon she did excellent work. Also Bach z Dragon his third time training. Holiday training pictures are below Please scroll down a must see!!!!!
Bach z Dragon (Morgan z Dragon (Son)
Mynx z Dragon (Xavior/Yamka daughter)
Mynx's first time training she did very well
12/20/2008 Our Holiday training we had soooo much fun!!!!!!
12/27/2008 training Morgan doing long distance protection and come return for the first after only 7 months training
Hena long distance
Mynx starting protection training
1/3/2009 training
1/10/2009 Training

Morgan muzzle send
1/17/2009 Training            We worked alot of obedience so not many pictures
1/24/2009 Training We have a new camera now so, better pictures, but more picture experimenting.