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The Proofs in the Genetics
Please keep in mind these are also family dogs which live with children of all ages just fine
10/04/2008 Training Workouts                   Puppies having fun and learning the ropes. Very Important beginings.
Some social behavior teaching Morgan that the decoy doesn't always have to be the bad guy, very important training.
teaching social

Right teaching a dog not to
take a bribe
Itar learning to do protection work jumping over a barrel, he did very well.
Morgan and Melanie working on our long distance bites all went very well.
Hena and Barbara doing some long distance protection, Hena does so well.
Uma just being Uma just great and first time on bite suit. Uma did so very well, too.
10/11/2008  It was a great day for training in the 70's nice weather and we all had fun, dogs included.
Morgan and I doing some socializing below.
Morgan working on his own and with me
Uma working very well, Uma says I'm done with the pups and getting back into training.
Itar doing some long distance protection and just protection too.
Rex getting some tactical information from Mike.
Bill and Fatty  having a great time doing training and doing some socializing too.
Some of the youngsters having fun. (below)
10/18/2008 Training                         Morgan and I having some fun and greeting people also some obedience too.
Itar working with Ben at the helm.
Fatty working great as always
Mark and Jax doing some obedience and protection
Barbara and Uma working and greeting
The young dogs getting their working in.
10/25/2008 Training Morgan
Itar works so well for everyone, Itar is just a great all around dog
Working the younger dogs
Kong working very nice
Uma doing great
Misc. pictures of the day
11/1/2008 We had a great training day it seemed all the dogs were on top of their game.
11/29/2008 Training we did some obedience and protection, it was a beautiful day.