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Dragon German Shepherds
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The Proofs in the Genetics
May 24, 2008 Morgan Working Great
Morgan doing some muzzle work
Morgan doing his bite work
Hena (Left)

Uma (Right)

Both doing great
bite work
Just some great pictures of "Super Mike", Rex, and Kong working
Jax looking for the bad guy in the car
5/31/2008 Itar working Great
Morgan working just great 3rd time training
The Funnest pic of the day "Dancing with the Stars"
Barbara's Hena working absolutely awesome
Hammer working for the first time
Chas working just great
6/14/2008 Morgan working muzzle
Rex on the move                                                             Fatty getting a great bite                           Tanook working
Rex doing some table work
6/28/2008 Morgan first time on bite suit
Morgan doing some muzzle work on the right
Even though these dogs are protective they also can be very loving and playful