I had a blast working dogs this weekend, no pictures yet, but Morgan is taking his baby steps in training toward his future titles and he did very well. Thought I'd share some of the pictures of 3/29/08 as it was so much fun.
Melanie and Itar doing Distraction Training.   Itar passed with flying colors 4/05/08
Bill offered to work Itar as I was having a bad physical day.  Itar playing tug o war and ready for protection.
Itar doing Protection with very hard full bites so I'm told.  He went right through the brand new suit.
More distraction training with the other dogs.
Basic obedience work.
Itar having some fun.            4/19/08              Building some defense.                    Just Super Mike (he's so cute)
May 10 2008  I want to Thank Bill and Barbara for helping train Itar for me.  Itar doing some blind work.
Itar and some of the other dogs working varies aspects of protection in different  scenarios
We really had a great day working dogs in all respects today.
May 17 2008 Morgan Working in Begining Defense
Kong and Fatty Working Protection
Jax finding the bad guy under the trailer
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