German Shepherd puppies
German Shepherd Puppy
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Hi Melanie!!

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how our little baby Tyra is. She is absolutely wonderful. At four months she will: sit, stay, lay down, speak, she is house broken, does well on a leash, and is great with the kids. She has really fit in with our little family and we love her to death. I am attaching a few pictures that I thought you might enjoy!

Talk to you soon!


Welcome to Dragon German Shepherds!
You will be able to find that special Czech German Shepherd, puppy or Trained German Shepherd dog. The companion of a lifetime!

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Czech German Shepherds, Puppies available, family protection, civil working dogs, personal protection, SAR, SchH, family pet, and police K9's.

All puppies are Fully Guaranteed. 
I do guarantee my pups.
Czech German Shepherd
This is Where genetics count for that great partner for a healthy life !!!!
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The Original Dragon German Shepherd of 40 yrs.
I'm not associated with anyone but myself! 40 years of breeding and training my own GSD's. All dogs are x-rayed!

Great obedience, Superb ability for Tracking, excellent protection, and superb temperament.  

It shows in the pups

Strong boned, Dark pigmentation, ( no washed out coloring) and world-renown genetics with a strong emphasis in eliminating the major producers of bad hips.

Loyal, Outgoing and Family Friendly Czech German Shepherd Dogs.

Itar's daughter
OFA good
Itar's daughter
at the gun range
Uma just hanging out
100%, Czech German Shepherds, dogs are getting rare to find .
Kal-Tee with Jiri Novotny at Jinopo in the Czech Republic when she was bred to Freddie z HP
Czech German Shepherds
 Puppies For Sale
New Pictures of the puppies !  1/25/2022
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German Shepherd Breeding
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arizona german shepherds
arizona german shepherd
Czech German Shepherds
Rommel z Dragon
Czech German Shepherds
Czech German Shepherd
Tyra z Dragon
This is the second outstanding puppy I have purchased from Dragon German
Shepherd Dogs. First, "Faust", a very high drive sable that is working as
Counter-terrorist K-9, rappels with me, very hard biter, has gotten many
"Live" street bites working strikes, and has been all over the world on
operations. With his titanium teeth, he is a force to be reckoned with!
I bought "Dolf" from your expertise in Czech/Slovak breedings, so I can have
A new K-9 to follow his path as a warrior. He is biting at 6 months of age,
I am imprinting explosive odors, tracking, building searches,  night ops.,
exposure to SMG's, fire, and making him social, but going to be my main
operational K-9 in 2009! His dark long coat sable markings make him
"camouflage" in high desert/forest and our security assignments at night.
Dakujem Melanie!
Falco hanging out
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Czech German Shepherd
Czech German Shepherds

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